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The Kingdom of Paul Nash – unlocking the fable…

It’s been a while since we toured Nash and it’s back on the road so I thought I’d write a few words about the fable that it is and what inspired it to be unpicked as one might an arcane painting or map i.e. what the hell is that about?! The Kingdom of Paul Nash […]

Mary Shelley’s Future Shocks (a living graphic novel inspired by Mary Shelley and Yuval Harari)

The Kingdom of Paul Nash (research and development, 2016)

“I now recall / the paths we scored / across the Purbeck moon” (Purbeck Moon, The Cabinet of Living Cinema). Through the Spring of 2016 we begin writing ballads to tell the tale of Paul Nash and fellow surrealist Eileen Agar’s love affair with each other and with the Purbeck landscape, using voice and traditional […]

Kafka, The Yiddish Theatre and the Czyżyks

“If I have arrived at having a stage, I want it to be a school for you… Laugh heartily if I amuse you with my jokes, while I, watching you, feel my heart crying. Then, brothers, I’ll give you a drama, a tragedy drawn from life, and you shall also cry — while my heart […]

Cabinet Voyages: coastal exploration

Over 2013 and 2014, The Cabinet of Living Cinema have embarked on a series of routes that seek to rekindle the exploration of the remote, wild and “hidden” stretches of Britain’s West coast first pioneered by the early sea-cliff climbers of the 1900s. These stretches are not only places of unparalleled natural beauty and home […]