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In preparation for our return to the magical Aviary Glade, Durlston Country Park on Saturday 31st July, our final Dorset performance of the #100years Tour, we present for you an interview with Purbeck FM (Coastal Ways) and also Sound Journeys of Dorset on its 10th anniversary, recorded at the charming Bournemouth Natural Science Society in 2011 a live radio and music piece created by award-winning radio producer Sarah Cuddon and the Cabinet, exploring the sound textures of Purbeck through its stone-carvers, sea-swimmers, quarry workers, climbers and “wild gardeners”.

Spellbinding Live Cinema performance since 2010.

For the last ten years the Cabinet has created and toured live cinema events, living graphic novel performances and participatory live cinema projects. We have toured to venues and festivals including Wilderness, Shambala, the British Library, V & A and ROH.

Our live scores and living graphic novels are created in collaboration with emerging artists, local community groups, youth groups, museums, art galleries and local festivals through workshops and rehearsals.

In 2021, our Ten-Year anniversary, we celebrate Europe’s 100 year cinematic heritage with our #100years tour, using our instruments, voices and hand-held FX to create atmospheric live scores to films – both renowned and unknown – from across Europe.

“The Cabinet of Living Cinema magically bring stories to life with hypnotic animation and beautiful, innovative and atmospheric scores.”
(Liz Moreton, Senior Producer, BAC)

A Forest Grew (our new album)

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