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Upcoming shows

  • 14/02/22 - 25/02/22 The Enchanted Cinema in London at Birch
  • 02/04/22 The Enchanted Cinema in Boscombe at Boscombe Arts Depot Buy Tickets
  • 09/04/22 The Enchanted Cinema in Braunton at Braunton Parish Hall Buy Tickets
  • 14/04/22 The Enchanted Cinema in Haringey Warehouse District at New River Studios
  • 17/04/22 Man with a Movie Camera / Arcadia Live Score Double Bill in Haringey Warehouse District at New River Studios
  • 30/04/22 The Enchanted Cinema in Somerton at Hallr Wood Buy Tickets
  • 08/05/22 The Enchanted Cinema in London at Catford Mews
  • 08/05/22 Man with a Movie Camera / Arcadia Live Score Double Bill in London at Catford Mews

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About Our Live Cinema Events…

Our live cinema scores are created by classically-trained musicians inspired by world, folk & contemporary music and performed on harp, piano, guitar, viola, clarinet, tabla, cajon and the lesser-known aquaphone, morin khur & repurposed Habitat tealight holder. Our repertoire of international cinema spans a century and includes:

Triplets of Belleville (2003)
The Colour of Pomegranates (1969)
Ritual in Transfigured Time (1944)
Strike! (1925)
The Holy Mountain (1973)
The Snowman (1982)
Where the Wild Things Are (1973)
Seasons (1969)
Nielotek (1984)
Nosferatu (1922)
Hedgehog in the Fog (1975)
The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari (1920) &
Man with a Movie Camera (1929)

Our events are often participatory, with audiences creating live sound FX using instruments and their voices, or joining us to create animation, diorama sets or live narration. Join us in the magic of making live cinema in 2022!

For more on the aims of our organisation, please see our contact page.

News & Updates


Happy New Year, friends of Enchanted Cinema! Next month we launch our unique, participatory Enchanted Cinema Tour at the magnificent Birch Community and Jan sees us deep in rehearsal – using some of the new ideas we gathered with your help from the Snowman Tour with new inspiring animated films from across the world. In addition, we make repairs to Max’s Boat, which sails on the high seas (ehem) once more. We also look ahead to a very exciting part of the year in June, when we announce a number of very special celebratory events. More in the newsletter soon!


We are on Tour! Launching at the wonderful Birch on the 4th Dec, we are now on the road with the Snowman with Family Participation until NYE!

Come and join in with our live FX instruments or your voice to make a host of live FX, then sit back and enjoy the wonderful animation. You may be just a bit compelled to join in too, especially with the singing (fret not, lyrics also provided).

The Enchanted Cinema Tour is part of shelleyfest200: Shared Heritage, Shared Creativity.

Surrealism x Cabinet

We were delighted to have our music featured on award-winning Radio 4 programme Shortcuts this summer devoted to surrealist Leonora Carrington.

Surrealism is very close to the heart of the Cabinet, with our own surreal sci-fi short Pedalo also released this summer, illustrated by Hannah Eaton, and produced by the Visionary Boscombe Group over lockdown(s).

Links here from our News & Updates

Sound Journeys of Dorset

Shortcuts / Carrington (featuring Private Grey Owl/ Pedalo)

Man with a Movie Camera

Nosferatu (100th Anniversary)


Fiona Fey

Fiona is a multi-instrumentalist and solo artist who performs with a variety of acclaimed ensembles including The Mediaeval Baebes, Nueva and Tell Tale Tusk. She has performed her solo material at many notable events and venues such as the Union Chapel, Glastonbury Festival and Broadstairs Folk Week.

Kieron Chissik

Kieron is Creative Director of Cabinet of Living Cinema and composes their live scores in close collaboration with his band of trusty musicians. He has collaborated as a live cinema practitioner with Paper Cinema and Secret Cinema and as a theatre composer with Alexander Zeldin amongst other directors.

Gareth Wilkins

Gareth started off his musical training as a classical and jazz pianist, then explored the world of community music. His interest with lady Harp spans two worlds; the folk tradition and spiritual practice, he has dedicated years to travelling across Britain, learning from the masters of the tradition. Gareth now brings to the fold Jazz recorder, English Concertina and the Northumbrian Pipes.

Camilo Tirado

Camilo is the Cabinet’s percussionist who will be helping to create the rich tapestry of live effects in the scores as well as performing on his tablas. He is part of experimental sound/ambient group Pataphysical and has toured with the likes of Talvin Singh.

Clips from #100years Tour: Enchanted Cinema