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  • The Cabinet of Living Cinema are...

    Photographs by Sam Newson and Giovanni Staiano

  • Kieron Chissik: guitars, viola, vocals

  • Fiona Fey: clarinet, vocals

  • Joe Perry: percussion, foley

  • Gareth Wilkins: Harp

  • Tom Brown: animation, live video art

  • Living Graphic Novel Illustration: Julia de Graaf

  • Tim Karp: oud, guitar, vocals

  • Robert Parkinson: dulcimer, foley

  • Camilo Tirado: tablas, percussion

  • Francesca Ter-Berg (cello), Steve Chadwick (trumpet)

  • Josh Middleton: accordion, trumpet, foley

  • Tim Doyle: percussion, foley

  • Illustration (Kingdom of Paul Nash): James Edwards

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Since 2010, the Cabinet has collaborated with emerging artists, local communities, youth groups, volunteer groups and arts festivals to create expanded cinema events, living graphic novels and participatory live cinema projects. The heritage of local places, people and their creative endeavours is of particular interest for the Cabinet: the work of fine artists, poets, writers and what makes local landscapes and locations special.

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