Kieron Chissik is The Cabinet of Living Cinema‘s Creative Director and has produced immersive cinema, site-specific arts events and music direction for live cinema and theatre since 2003.

Kieron began his musical career as a chorister at Winchester Cathedral under Martin Neary and David Hill performing and recording Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Requiem with EMI. He went on to study Film and Philosophy at Glasgow University (MA Hons) before working as a freelance producer/ programmer/ MD with immersive cinema and theatre-makers such as Shunt Vaults, Punch Drunk, Future Cinema / Secret Cinema, Old Vic Tunnels and festivals including Latitude, Wilderness and Shambala. As Creative Director of Cabinet of Living Cinema he has devised and produces award-winning touring pieces including Visionary Boscombe, Kingdom of Paul Nash and most recently was Director of Digital Content for Durlston Pleasure Grounds Heritage project. He is current director of The Enchanted Cinema – interactive cinema performances for families.

Riverborn – Kieron Chissik (composer, guitar) & Francesca Ter-Berg (cello)

Music Director (MD) & Director

Future Cinema, 2007 (MD/ Composer)

The Paper Cinema 2008-2010 (MD/ Composer)

Masque of the Red Death, Punch Drunk/ BAC, 2008 (MD – King Pest Room)

Powerplant, Edinburgh Fringe 2009 (Head Technician)

Romeo & Juliet, Naples Theatre Festival 2010 (MD)

Day of the Dead Festival, Old Vic Tunnels 2011 (MD)

Making Tracks, Rich Mix, 2011-2013 (MD)

Things to Come, Victoria and Albert Museum, 2013 (MD)

Theatre of the Wandering West, 2015 (Creative Director)

Kingdom of Paul Nash, 2016 (Creative Director)

Grey Owl on the Western Front, 2017 (Creative Director)

Ring Cycle, Royal Opera House Thurrock, 2017 (MD)

Visionary Boscombe, 2019 (Creative Director)

#shelleyfest200, 2020 (Creative Director)

The Enchanted Cinema, 2021- (Director)

Durlston Pleasure Grounds, 2022 (Director – Digital Content)


Kieron with fellow composer Ennio Morricone on his 80th Birthday, 2008.

LSO St. Luke’s 2017-2019.

Kieron composed three scores for LSO St. Luke’s/ Nomad Cinema between 2017 and 2019: Nosferatu, Cabinet of Doctor CaligariMan with a Movie Camera.

BBC World Service.

Compositions for over a decade for BBC World Service include award-winning programmes The Paddle Out and The Wind Phone

Short Cuts, BBC Radio 4.

Compositions for award winning Short Cuts since 2018, including this year’s special programme dedicated to surrealist Leonora Carrington.

Gogol’s The Nose, 2013

Live theatre score for adaptation of the Nose by puppetry/commedia dell’arte company, Carnival of Objects, 2012/2013

Iran’s Sporting Dreamers, 2013

MD/ Composer for Documentary (Aljazeera and independent release, Nima Shayeghi, 2013)

Breakdown or Breakthrough: pregnancy, birth and the first 18 months of life, 2012

Composer for Documentary, 2012 (in partnership with NSPCC and Warwick Medical School)

The Man Who Became a Room, 2012

Kieron, Jack Maguire and Zac Gvirtzman created a live score to The Man Who Became a Room, a performance inspired by Rachel Lichenstein/ Iain Sinclair’s best-seller Rodinsky’s Room. 2012 (produced by Sonja Linden)

Romeo and Juliet

Composer for Naples Theatre Festival, June 2010

The new show of the European Theatre Company, created in 2008 by the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia, with director Alexander Zeldin and dramaturg Hussein Omar, becomes a multiethnic and multilanguage tragedy, pervaded by the conflicts between fathers and sons, Europeans and immigrants. The young English director succeeds in giving us a realistic portrait of contemporary Europe, and at the same time involves in his metaphor a cast made up of North-african and Middle-eastern actors, Italian immigrants of first and second generation. The show is designed by George Tsypin and lit by Jean Kalman with music by Kieron Chissik and costumes by Daniela Salernitano and the associate director and voice coach is Barbara Houseman. – Press Release, Naples Theatre Festival, May, 2010

BBC Radio 3: Late Junction

00:18: Kieron and Zac Gvi — Kieron Chissik: Groatless Sailors
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The Paper Cinema

Scores devised by Kieron (flamenco guitar, viola, foley): Night Flyer, King Pest & Lost World (2008-2010)
Video clip

Art + Cinema = Dark Energy

Dir. Ken McMullen, MD/ live scores by Kieron Chissik, 2008