#shelleyfest200 celebrates the incredible shared heritage of Boscombe in poet, radical and free-thinker Percy Byshhe Shelley who died on 8th July 1822, whose son, Percy, founded a school in Boscombe (now The Old School House) and whose heart is buried in St. Peter’s Church, Bournemouth.

#shelleyfest200 explores Shelley’s celebration of the natural world, Shelley as neurodivergent creative and finally the haunting and premonitions he experienced throughout his life.


We are looking for short films themed around the sea, haunting, apparitions, and the supernatural to be scored live throughout the tour.

We are looking for stories (see Tales for the Longest Night on our Enchanted Cinema page).

We are looking for families to help us create our diorama cinema and to become live score performers!

All workshops / events are on our Enchanted Cinema Tour page, and in addition we will be launching the following workshop next year:

Over Winter/ early Spring, we embark on a series of ambitious live score / FX workshops with family audiences and aspiring musicians. From Jan-March we are working with CODA Fiddle Orchestra at the Boscombe Arts Depot (BAD) in preparation for a live score programme at our Bicentennial #shelleyfest200 event on April 2nd.

Please get in touch to contribute!