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“I should have been that little dweller in the ruins, harkening to the cries of crows, soared over by their shadows, cooling under the moon, burnt by the sun…on my bed of ivy.” Kafka’s Diaries, 1910.

Theatre of the Wandering West combines beautiful hand-drawn illustrations and animation, ethereal soundscapes and music, Yiddish ballads and roaring Klezmer to tell an incredible story of a chance encounter and unrequited love.

Written by Kieron Chissik.
Animated and illustrated by Tom and James Brown.
Performed by Kieron Chissik, Francesca Ter-Berg, Fiona Fey, Josh Middleton & Camilo Tirado

The show is followed by Yiddish ballads and short films exploring the theme of metamorphosis.


Next Performance
Thursday 19th October, 2017, Durlston Castle, Purbeck Film Festival

TOUR 2015-1017

Thursday 16th March, 2017, 8.30pm. Crouch End Arthouse, London.
Saturday 13th February, 2016, Shelley Theatre, Boscombe
Thursday 17th and Friday 18th March, 2016, Poole Lighthouse
Sunday 24th October, 2015 JW3
Saturday 3rd October, 2015 The Lyric, Bridport, Dorset
Friday 2nd October, 2015 Salisbury Arts Centre
PREVIEW: Saturday 26th September, 2015, Castle Climbing Wall
Theatre of the Wandering West celebrates the innovation and adventure that was the Yiddish theatre in the monumental period of social change and migration around the turn of the last century.

Wedding minstrels, song-writers and poets were fascinated by the allure of the itinerant theatre, among them Millie and Emanuel Chissik who ran away together to become itinerant actors, leaving their homes for good and following the Jewish communities that had headed West, many as far as New York or Buenos Aires. Kafka’s encounter with their troupe in Prague, 1911 coincided with a prolific period of writing and the emergence of a strange, modernist style for which he would achieve global recognition. His infatuation with Millie is documented in the strangely forensic yet heartfelt entries of his diaries. This piece is written in memory of Millie and Emanuel by their descendent, writer & performer Kieron Chissik.

Historical detail with the kind assistance of Guido Massino, the Museum of Family History, Kafka’s Diaries and Kafka’s Last Love (Kathy Diamant).