Visionary Boscombe is a community project led by young people exploring the historic Greek mythological figure Cassandra – cursed with the ability to see the future – and futurologist Mary Shelley. Through workshops held in February at the Old School House, the creative team use illustration, photography, documentary, music and theatre to articulate how they see the world developing in the future, in terms of fast moving technology, communication platforms, AI and the climate crisis, leading to a piece of “expanded cinema” to be premiered at BEAF in May.

This project is part of BEAF (Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe), empowering young people and emerging creatives to become collaborators and participants in creative arts production.

Future Relics with photographer Ellie Maguire (nearly at capacity!!!)

Friday, 21st Feb, Old School House, 11am- 3pm (photography, illustration, painting, film, design). Limited capacity. Click here for reservations (£2 fee refunded on day)

In this workshop, you will take on the role of “the visionary”. Working with professional photographer, Ellie Maguire, you will choose an everyday object to be transformed into a relic of the future using photography first captured on digital SLR (provided in the workshop) or using your smartphone camera. Why your chosen object has become obsolete, rare, buried, or even sacred in a future world? Working with Ellie using Photoshop, salvaged or recycled objects and photo-montage, you will create a future scene to accompany your relic from 20, 50 or 100 years’ time. You may choose to include yourself within your future scene. Finally, interview other participants about their creation as part of an animated Future Relics film to be premiered at BEAF festival in May. Lunch provided (v).

Storyboarding with graphic novelist Hannah Eaton (limited spaces)

Sat, 22nd Feb, Old School House, 10am- 2pm (storyboarding, illustration). Limited capacity. Click here for reservations (£2 fee refunded on the day).

In this workshop, you will explore the role of visionaries such as Mary Shelley and the myth of Cassandra, cursed with seeing the future. Does climate prediction make Cassandras of us all? How is this knowledge impacting our state of mind and our actions?

By delving into Hannah Eaton‘s new graphic novel, illustrated excerpts from Shelley’s Frankenstein and Yuval Harari’s Homo Deus, you will start envisaging your own scenes and storyboard that will become the animated Future Relics film to be premiered at Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe (BEAF) in May.

Illustrators and story-makers of all ability will work with Hannah to sketch out these scenes, communicating some of the visions, concerns and hopes we may ourselves have for Boscombe, England, the World in the next 10, 20, 50 or 100 years.

This workshop is aimed at young people aged 14+.

Join us for an exclusive reception at the Old School House!

Join graphic novel author Hannah Eaton for an exclusive reception at the Old School House, Boscombe, Saturday 22nd Feburary, 5-7pm to celebrate the endeavors of the Visionary Boscombe workshops, in a Q & A session chaired by Creative Director of the Cabinet of Living Cinema, Kieron Chissik.

Hannah and Kieron will start by discussing the Visionary Boscombe project, Hannah’s new graphic novel, the legacy of visionary Mary Shelley (whose son, Percy, established the Old School House) and some of the momentous technological and climate-based developments informing and inspiring the project, before taking questions from the floor.

The talk will be followed by a Show &Tell from the week’s theatre, live score, storyboarding and Future Relics workshops by the participants and facilitators.

Limited capacity. Click here for tickets. Wine, non-alcoholic drinks and nibbles included in ticket price.