About the Durlston Pleasure Grounds Audio/ Film Project…

We worked with Durlston Country Park through Spring 2022 to create a series of films and an audio trail exploring people’s personal relationships with the park – to explore its history and pre-history from swampy time immemorial through to “magpie” George Burt’s Victorian landscaped vision through to the Grounds as contemporary home for artists, performers, geologists, poets, walkers (& off-road mobility buggy users), bird-watchers and “Sheddies” (The Shed Project volunteers and participants).

Above are some pics on location by filmmaker/ photographer Steven Fisher of some of the contributors (Rueben – spoken word artist, Robin – ex-head ranger and musician, Benji- Purbeck stone sculptor) who feature in the film. Watch our History of Durlston in 6 Objects below with the remaining films on the Durlston site.

Voices of Durlston audio trail produced by Sarah Cuddon
Films produced by Steven Fisher & Cabinet of Living Cinema.
A Cabinet of Living Cinema Production.