Nosferatu (LSO St. Luke’s)

The Nosferatu score by the Cabinet uses a range of voices– harp, guitar, viola, clarinet and percussion – to reflect the film’s pioneering expressionism, its fascination with wilderness and Ruinenlust (ruin lust) and its plague fixation, placing it in the years following the Spanish flu pandemic. Glissandos and soaring vocal lines underscore Murnau’s celebrated shots of mountains, rolling waves and billowing fabric, while Spaghetti Western guitar carries Hutter’s carriage on its dream-journey to the “land of the phantoms”. On reaching the castle, solo harp assumes Orlok’s unearthly shapes and shadows: his verminous hands, the chimes of his skeleton clock, the coffin-like arches and vertiginous staircases.

Nosferatu at LSO St. Luke’s in collaboration with the Nomad Cinema.

The Nomad Cinema is the roving pop up cinema that gives back. Covenanting 100% of profits to charity, the Nomad cinema changes lives through film by popping up in unusual venues from parks and markets to canal sides and esplanades. We are in the business of unique experiences, which is why we are so delighted to present this screening with our friends at the Cabinet Of Living Cinema with their bespoke score, this magnificent building and our friends at the Old Street partnership team who work tirelessly being the conduit for innovation and the forger Of new business relationships and opportunities.

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