Vocal Foley Workshops

  • Ring Cycle (ROH Thurrock)

  • Ring Cycle (ROH Thurrock)

  • Ring Cycle (ROH Thurrock)

  • Ring Cycle (ROH Thurrock)

  • Ring Cycle (ROH Thurrock)

  • Ring Cycle (ROH Thurrock)

  • Sound recording (ROH Thurrock)

  • Cabinet Live Score Artists (LSO St. Luke’s)

How does it work?

The vocal foley workshop uses voices to create live sound effects to films in a workshop of around 60 mins, followed by a performance.

It is a unique medium and is very enjoyable for participants and audience alike.

All ages are welcome to participate in the workshop and final performance. The performance will be accompanied by live scores to short films.

What programme of films is used?

The vocal foley shorts are classic European animation from the 20th century including Lotte Reineger and Russian animation based on the natural world.
The vocal foley shorts will be part of a larger programme of short based on the themes of “community” and “urban oases”, sourced from a nationwide call-out for submissions.
We are planning for a good representation of new filmmakers aged 16-25 from across the country.

Where can I see it in action?

Ring Cycle was the Cabinet’s most recent foley workshop project in Purfleet with members of the ROH Thurrock community chorus.

What tech is required?

The Foley workshop is very tech-lite.

6-8 x mics running to a PA for the workshop.
1 x screen.

We can provide A/V technician running films from a laptop and can provide projector and amps for the live score performers.

The Vocal Foley Workshop is part of a new project by the Cabinet of Living Cinema to stage participatory live cinema events showcasing new filmmakers’ work

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