My Enchanted Cinema Drawing Challenge


What is My Enchanted Cinema Drawing Challenge?

We invite budding illustrators to draw a magical animal, person or mask on our special A5 postcards.

  1. Draw a magical animal, person or mask.
  2. Take a photo and send it to someone you love.
  3. We’ll take a photo (with your permission) and your drawing will feature on a short film of all the illustrations we gather posted over the Summer Hols on insta and on this website.


Where can I next find the Drawing Challenge? 

We will be popping up somewhere in the Family Field at Wilderness on Sat 5th Aug. Come find us!

I don’t have the flyer postcard thing. Can I still do the Drawing Challenge?

Absolutely! Just draw onto an A5 piece of paper (portrait) and add the curtains yourself.

Are there any prizes?! 

We’re glad you asked! The Enchanted Cinema’s graphic novel illustrator Hannah Eaton will be giving out a prize for the Most Inventive My Enchanted Cinema drawings over the Summer Hols.