Image: Bob White on behalf of IW Story Festival.

The Enchanted Cinema is coming to the Isle of Wight and they need your help with the score!

You’ll use instruments, hands and voices to help create the soundtrack to well-loved animated films, expertly guided by The Enchanted Cinema.

Sound effects include the roars and eyeballs of Maurice Sendak’s Wild Things and the spectral fauna of Yuri Norstein’s acclaimed Hedgehog in the Fog, winner of Best Animated Film (Laputa Festival, 2003 – look out for UK entries Snowman and The Wrong Trousers!) + much more. The grown-ups will be asked to help too.

Every child gets a chance to be involved if they choose to, with older kids rising to the challenge of playing the xylophone or narrating the Wild Things animation live and younger ones delighting in the wrist janglers for the magically growing forest.

With an inclusive and light-hearted atmosphere throughout, each show also features a live musical score by The Enchanted Cinema.