Enchanted Cinema Tour

The Show Must Go On…

Following our sell-out shows at Durlston Castle, BEAF Festival, Farnham Maltings, Hallr Wood & more, we are delighted to extend our Enchanted Cinema Tour to include indoor & outdoor venues up to and including May 2022 (new dates updated on our home page).

Enchanted Cinema Tour: The New Bits!

We have new strands to our tour for this Autumn/ Winter, with a total of 6 live cinema workshops/ events touring from November 2021 to May 2022 exclusively. Click here to enquire re. booking:

Our sell-out pop-up outdoor cinema show featuring the 1973 animation of Where the Wild Things Are performed around Max’s Boat, a replica of the boat from the book/animation with live audience participation and 100 years of enchanting European animation.
Seasons (Russia, 1969)
Nielotek (Poland, 1984)
Where the Wild Things Are (Czech, 1973)
Opus II (Germany, 1921)
Hedgehog in the Fog (Russia, 1975)
Ant & Grasshopper (UK, 1954)
Butterfly (Russia, 1972)

Live @ Farnham Maltings, July 2021 here.

THE SNOWMAN LIVE SCORE with family participation.
Our seasonal favourite of Dianne Jackson’s magical animated film of Raymond Briggs’ classic. Dust down your vocal chords for the heart-warming “Walking in the Air” chorus and join us in creating FX for owl, horse, toothbrush and tearaway motorbike. At cinemas and arts venues in December including Durlston Castlle, Gunnersbury Park, Folkestone Quarterhouse & more (see shows page).

NOSFERATU (1922) 100th Birthday.
First performed to a sell-out audience at LSO St. Luke’s in 2017, this much-loved Cabinet score to the masterpiece of German Expressionist cinema is inspired by the late, great Ennio Morricone, re-imagining the classic live horror score for the film’s centenary celebrations, a film born of the age’s anxieties over pandemic and contagion, something we can all relate to! At Margate Film Festival, 30th Oct & dates to be released soon!

The following strands are part of our ambitious new collaborative project #shelleyfest200: Shared Heritage, Shared Creativity

A unique workshop/ installation created with graphic novelist Hannah Eaton in which families add their own “diorama rooms” to a miniature plywood house hidden within a film projector, explored using a smartphone camera/ projections, with live narration by participants and live score / FX.

A special event inspired by haunting, apparitions and the otherworldly, with live musical accompaniment to your tales! Over Autumn 2021, we are collecting tales of apparition, haunting, local lore and legend from you. We will be presenting these recordings as part of special events over the Winter months featuring our world-class folk performers on harp, concertina, viola and the ethereal aquaphone. Please get in touch for how to contribute.

Over Winter/ early Spring, we embark on a series of ambitious live score / FX workshops with family audiences and aspiring musicians. From Jan-March we are working with CODA Fiddle Orchestra at the Boscombe Arts Depot (BAD) in preparation for a live score programme at our Bicentennial #shelleyfest200 event on April 2nd.

The Tour: A Little Intro…