The Enchanted Cinema…Become Sound

The Enchanted Cinema…….Become Sound

Audiences of all ages join us – two live score musicians – to create sound tracks to a century of hand-crafted, beautiful & moving animation using FX provided, brought in by you or by using your Integrated FX-Maker (your voice).

The Films

Hedgehog in the Fog (1975) – Winner of the Laputa Film Festival “Best Animation of All Time” – a hedgehog gets lost in the fog and is rescued by a benevolent spirit.
Nielotek (1984) – a penguin wants to fly and a magical fish tells him how….of course.
Where the Wild Things Are (1973, with live narration) – Max meets strange halflings with gnashing teeth and tames them by staring into their eyes.
Big Underground Ball (1987) – elfin princesses and goblin princes have a rambunctious time (with cyberpunk hairdos).
The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926) – a valiant prince gets into all sorts of scrapes, while two magical beings transform into animals in a visually stunning duel.

There may be variations in programme based on venue.

The Workshop/Performance (60 mins)

We start with a quick warm up exploring how we can create and manage dynamics in sound using only our voices, before jumping straight into the programme of animation where we invite you to try out the FX.

The beautiful, hand-crafted and award-winning animation is suitable for all ages and during the films, you will perform the FX at various chosen points, whether that be a magical creature or elemental feature of the animation such as wind, sea, trees and even fog. You’ll be working as a group or as an individual, and the vibe is definitely more relaxed than perfectionist!

Workshop/performances last one hour and afterwards audiences are welcomed to mingle and come up to see The Enchanted Cinema’s instruments up close and talk to us.

Main image: illustration by Julia de Graaf, design by Chantelle Linane.