Imagine going to the cinema and becoming part of a pop-up orchestra who create every single sound FX and the musical score! Using your voice, hands and playing a range of unusual, delightful and ingenious instruments you’ll join the FX Crew to create sound effects to the much loved animation, Where the Wild Things Are and My Neighbour Totoro (5 fave excerpts!).

Every child gets a chance to be involved if they choose to and the grown ups will be asked to help too. You’ll become the roar of the Wild Things, the sound of waves crashing, and the forest growing, there’s ‘cicada’ shakers, ‘tree frog’ guiros, xylophones and much, much more.


Suitable for ages 4+

Saturday 22nd June + Sunday 23rd June.


The Xylophone Orchestra –  Join Gareth on stage to work on the scores including playing the Harp from Harris! (age 8+)
The Water Choir – 3-4 children use voices on mic to re-create crashing sea, wind in trees and other elemental textures.
The Birds – use bird whistles and recorders to mimic the birds of lake, river and sea.
The FX Crew – audience members are given repurposed/ recycled and world music instruments to create foley FX cues to the animated films
e.g. guiros = frogs
recycled packaging= boat sails
The Wind Gong = mysterious atmospheres
recycled bamboo canes = forest spirits & magical tree chimes


Does every child get to do something?

If they want to – yes! Just make sure we know if you need  a sound FX/ instrument by raising your hand. 

My child might not want to join in.

No problem at all! Many children like to sit back and watch or join in with bits and bobs. It’s very much a team effort so they shouldn’t feel too much on the spot if they do or don’t join in. 

My child has additional needs.

Our shows are very inclusive and kids with additional or SEND enjoy them a lot. Every show has a few noisy parts, in case this helps. 

Can my child try out instruments if they didn’t get a chance to?

Yes! At the end, we invite children up to stage to try out things like the harp or hand percussion. 

Can I take photos?

Phones off and tucked away please, but please feel free take pics of your child with instruments at the end. 

I don’t have / can’t borrow a child – can I still come?

Absolutely! The Enchanted Cinema is for lovers of animation, live music & live foley FX of all ages. 

Is there somewhere to give feedback?

Indeed! We have a public comments book and also a google form. We value all feedback. 

Watch the trailers!


Images:Bob White on behalf of IW Story Festival (#1-12), British Library (#13-17) & The Enchanted Cinema (all others)