Where can I see it?

#100years: Enchanted Cinema is an immersive cinema touring show featuring at venues across the South-East and South-West of England between April and October 2021.

All confirmed dates will be posted shortly. Venues currently confirmed include:

Gunnersbury Park Museum, London
Durlston Castle, Purbeck
Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe, Boscombe
Dartington Hall, Dartington
OUTSIDE Festival, Poole
Cliftonville Bandstand, Margate (part of Margate Film Festival)

All details will be posted on our shows page shortly.

The Enchanted Cinema Space

We are a site-specific event and tailor our events to the spaces. Our #100years: Enchanted Cinema event is inspired by Where the Wild Things Are and staging we bring to venues includes:

Max’s Boat is the Cabinet’s homemade boat/musical instrument/ FX generator. At night the sail is lit up magically with projections.

The Wild Rumpus Bar for grownups to enjoy a drink and live film music & song as part of the evening performance.

Social distancing:
we provide enough space and cap audience numbers to allow each bubble to maintain social distance. A one-way system allows for safe passage to and from your space (masks to be worn to/from seating).

What will I see?

Film-Bathing (socially-distanced!)

As immersive as immersive cinema gets! Lie back and let the world’s concerns slip away with our programme of underwater films and hypnotic ambient music projected onto a sailing boat! Gongs, harps, FX and transcendental sounds for aquatic escape. See our live collaboration with filmmaker Jason Elberts – Aqueous Duende – for a sample:

The Wild Rumpus Bar

Charge your glasses at the bar equipped with a cosy woodburner and enjoy songs & music from classic films playfully arranged and performed by the Cabinet before the main performance. As you lie out on your blanket, why not jot down a movie pitch to be read out by a compere with liquid prizes for the best pitch!

The 100years Live Score Programme

Both day and evening events end with a live cinema performance featuring Max’s Boat, a sailing dinghy repurposed as a musical instrument, featuring beautiful and rarely-seen animation from Europe over the last 100 years performed by our accomplished Cabinet musicians as heard on Late Junction & Cerys on 6. Watch River-born below (also featured in the programme) for a sample of our music.

Join the performance with homemade FX to help the musicians create their scores and help narrate the animation Where the Wild Things Are.

The final programme (45 mins = day; 70 mins = night) of rarely-seen European animation includes:

The Grasshopper & The Ant (Reineger, 1954)
Historia Naturae (Svankmajer, 1967)
Seasons (Ivanov-Vano, 1969)
Butterfly (Kjryjanovsky, 1972)
Where the Wild Things Are (Deitch, 1973)
Nielotek (Krakow Animation Studio, 1984)

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets will be available from January 1st, 2021 via our online portal! Our careful choice of inspiring, unique and accessible locations reflects our ethos to bring magical, immersive cinema experiences to local communities.

Daytime workshops

By day, the #100years project reaches out to local families to join a storytelling and diorama/set-making workshop with graphic novelist Hannah Eaton, with all sets and stories featured on our social media channels after the event and as part of the final performance.

For sample of our online stories project created during lockdown click here:

Stories in my Ears

What about COVID-19 safety?

#100years: Enchanted Cinema is an outdoor performance with social distancing guidance in place, and with maximum audience numbers to allow for safe distancing.

We request that audience members wear masks whenever they are moving outside their audience bubble (e.g. walking to/from the entrance).

We request audiences to apply our sanitiser gel on arrival.

We will refund ticket holders on the night who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and will remind ticket-holders to avoid attending if they are.

We will cater to audience members who prefer to wear masks during the whole performance and / or request additional distancing measures.

Can I book the 100years: Enchanted Cinema show for my venue?

Click here to get in touch.

Where can I see a promo?

or here!