Kieron Maguire (founder): guitar, viola, foley
Kieron Maguire is a composer, producer and founder of The Cabinet of Living Cinema. He composes for theatre and film using viola, guitar and loop-pedals to build up layers of melody, “soundscapes” and live sound-effects. A range of world, folk and electronic music inflects his style as well as a belief in keeping music live, the accidental and semi-improvised being integral elements of his working practice. Read more…

Robert Parkinson: dulcimer, bass, foley
Robert Parkinson brings the haunting sound of the dulcimer to the Cabinet and is the group’s live Foley or special effects coordinator. He has co-written scores to Strike, The Colour of Pomegranates, Santa Sangre, and plays an integral part in the music and “found object” Foley of all Cabinet Voyages to date. Rob is also author of

Tim Karp: banjo, guitar, foley
Tim Karp is the Cabinet’s highly-valued banjo and seven string guitar player and has co-written scores for El Topo, Santa Sangre, Modern Times, as well as playing an integral part of the Cabinet Voyages events (Sounds of Dorset, Submarine of Living Cinema, Garden of Living Cinema, The Kingdom of Paul Nash)

Francesca Ter-Berg: cello
Cellist, composer and producer, Francesca Ter-Berg is an explorer of musical genres, from Klezmer to Indian classical music, Arabic Maqam to Jazz. Francesca has worked with the Cabinet since its inception and has co-written scores to Maya Deren’s At Land, The Colour of Pomegranates, Strike and has added soaring, hauting cello to Cabinet scores throughout the two years of Making Tracks.

Camilo Tirado: tabla, cajon, foley
Camilo brings an amazing percussive range to the Cabinet’s scores, having studied tabla in India. His ocean drum and other percussive oddities also provide fantastic live special effects. He has co-written scores to The Colour of Pomegranates, El Topo,

Fiona Fey: clarinet, vocals
Fiona Fey is the Cabinet’s clarinetist and vocalist. She has helped to develop the score for Theatre of the Wandering West and features as a performer on the Cabinet’s 2015, including the live score of Triplets of Belleville.

Joe Perry: percussion
Joe Perry brings a distinctive style to the Cabinet, part kit-drummer with African and Brazilian percussion and rhythms alongside cajon and electric drill augmenting the foley. He was an integral part of the writing team for Santa Sangre and Cabinet Voyages including Frankenstein and the Cyborg and Things to Come.

Danilo Borgerth: guitar, foley
Guitarist and composer Danilo Borgerth is a versatile and talented guitarist. Born in Brazil but raised in London his guitar playing is at home in both locations. He writes and performs with world renowned singers and bands, orchestras, contemporary music collectives and for film and theatre. Danilo has performed on Triplets of Belleville and devised music for the special Making Tracks edition at FRAME: London Dance Film Festival.

Josh Middleton: accordion, trumpet
Josh is the Cabinet’s accordionist. He has been running workshops on music and woodcraft for two weeks every year with Forest School Camps for the past four years, working with children of all ages and adults with learning difficulties. He has performed with the Cabinet on the Garden and Submarine of Living Cinema. Josh also performs with Don Kipper.

Guest Performers and Workshop Facilitators

Andrew Gorman is a freelance composer and violinist based in London. In 2009 he worked for a year as an assistant Music Therapist for Otakar Kraus Music Therapy Trust where he participated in many workshops run by leading Therapist, Edison Carolino. Since then Andrew has worked a lot creating live scores for silent films and has lead workshops himself with Children and teenagers at the Brady Arts Centre in Tower Hamlets run by the Cabinet of Living Cinema. He has performed with the Cabinet on The Cabinet of Living Foley, A Voyage through Animation and Making Tracks. Andrew also performs with Don Kipper.

Jack Maguire is founder of the CODA Fiddle Orchestra and ex-BSO co-leader. He has performed with the Cabinet on violin for Strike, the Nose and River-Born.

Tim Doyle is a percussionist who has brought his unique kit style and rhythmic talents to Santa Sangre (performed at Birmingham’s Electric Cinema and Lost Picture Show) and Making Tracks. Tim also performs with Don Kipper.

Steve Chadwick is a trumpet and brass player who brings soaring, wistful melodies to the score for Holy Mountain and on the Cabinet Voyages album. Steve also performs with the Sam Lee Band.