Our score to Nosferatu at LSO St. Luke’s (2017)

The Cabinet of Living Cinema bring you an extraordinary new live score to the German Expressionist masterpiece and birth of horror: The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari (1920) on harp, viola, clarinet, percussion, voice and featuring the virtuoso violin of Jack Maguire (St. Peter’s & Shelley Theatre).

The Tour Finale (19th January, 2019) presents a double bill of Caligari with Mary Shelley’s Future Shocks at the home of the Shelleys- the fantastic Shelley Theatre, bringing together the epic words of Frankenstein with Yuval Harari’s vision of “upgraded” humanity in his best-seller Homo Deus, and featuring extracts from 1920s sci-fi films. Expect a night like no other!

Tickets & Times

26th Oct, LSO St. Luke’s
: whereisthenomad.com 7.30pm. £15.

2nd Nov, St. Peter’s: stpetersbournemouth.org.uk, 01202 290986/
07973863380. 8pm. £10 (£1 conc.)

9th Nov, Gulbenkian: thegulbenkian.co.uk. 8pm. £6-£8.70

19th Jan, Shelley Theatre: shelleytheatre.co.uk. 7.30pm. £10/8